Sustainable Development Goal #7

What are the sustainable development goals on energy and what do they mean for the political economy of energy in the global south?

Seminar Readings

1) World Bank and the International Energy Agency (2015) Se4all Global Tracking Framework, Chapter 1: Introduction & Chapter 2: Energy Access

And at least one of the following:

2) Bazilian, M., Nakhooda, S., and Van de Graaf, T. (2014) "Energy governance and poverty." Energy Research & Social Science 1: 217-225.
3) Huber, M. (2015). Theorizing Energy Geographies. Geography Compass, 9(6), 327-338.
4) Boyer, D. (2014). Energopower: An Introduction. Anthropological Quarterly, 87(2), 309-333.

See synopses of key readings below

Seminar Activities

Questions for Group Discussion
What is meant by governance in the World Bank and International Energy Ageny's Global Tracking Framework? Can UN bodies act as a “substantive or effective architecture of global energy governance”? And how else might we analyse their politics?

Group Activity
"The Global Energy Governance Game" In a group use online resources, search engines and tools to map the regime complex for energy governance and poverty in a country of your choice. Identify the global institutions, regional institutions, national institutions, cross cutting and local institutions whose mandates touch on the issue of energy poverty. Produce a diagram or network map. You have 30 minutes. Look at your regime complex. Which direction does money, technology and infrastructure travel? What alignments can you see. What interests can you identify.

Palestine Map.jpg
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"Oh my God! I can't believe that with all that, people in Papua New Guinea still don't have access to energy"