What is an energy experiment? What is the difference between an experiment and a test? What kind of evidence or knowledge do energy experiments produce? What does the idea of the experiment enable? What do energy experiments tell us about the relationship between energy regimes and modes of experimentation? What kinds of experiment generate legitimate knowledge? What is being experimented upon in these experiments? And in what sense are they experiments at all?


Activity: Use the template below to add your energy experiment to our expanding collection, from foundational laboratory experiments with new materials to the first field "trials" of technologies and systems.

Cut and paste the template below into a new discussion post, below

Geographical Location/space/place:
Where does the experiment take place: laboratory or field site?
What is being experimented with: a new material? a new technology? or a new application?
What new knowledge do those conducting the experiment seek to produce?
Has the experiment been designed with end-users or 'real world' participants?
What kind of energy source is being experimented with: is this a renewable experiment?
Was the experiment deemed a success or failure:
What was the public reception or reaction:
Additional notes/description: