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What to do with broken solar equipment in Orissa, India?

This week we examine the relationship between energy, justice and inequality, exploring the distinction between procedural and distributive justice in the context of energy transitions in the global south.

Seminar Readings

1) Bickerstaff, K., Walker, G. P., & Bulkeley, H. (Eds.). (2013). Introduction to Energy Justice in a Changing Climate: Social equity and low-carbon energy. Zed Books.

And at least one of the following:

2) Bouzarovski, S., & Petrova, S. (2015). A global perspective on domestic energy deprivation: Overcoming the energy poverty–fuel poverty binary. Energy Research & Social Science, 10, 31–40
3) Sikor, T., & Newell, P. (2014). Globalizing environmental justice? Geoforum, 54, 151–157.
4) Newell, P., & Mulvaney, D. (2013). The Political Economy of the Just Transition. Geographical Journal.

See synopses of key readings below